SmartDock® Laser Docking Aid System

  • Monitors vessel speed, distance and angle during approach, drift and departure
  • Multiple display options for pilots and terminal operators
  • Utilize a pair of highly accurate laser sensors


Trelleborg’s SmartDock® provides vital information such as distances, angles, and speeds to pilots and jetty operators to ensure the vessel is safely docked, significantly reducing the risk of damage from a collision between the ship and the jetty. The typical system consists of two laser sensors, a controller, a central PC and several data display options that the pilot and master can use to monitor and adjust the approach during the push-up phase of the docking.


SmartDock® greatly increase situational awareness and enables operators to take corrective action should the approach profile exceed the limits. The lasers measure and update the data second-by-second, which can be interpreted to build a ‘picture’ of the vessel’s approach. Information is applied via several methods including a large jetty display board, remote hand-held monitors, and a digital display with warning lights mounted on the jetty. A PC in the jetty control room logs the data and provides a graphical representation of the entire process. This vessel details are stored in a database and can be quickly retrieved in preparation for docking.


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