SafePilot Port Server

  • Real-time overview of vessel traffic
  • Intelligent integration and distribution of data services
  • Distribution of live position data including paths prediction

Mô tả

SafePilot Port Server offers an overview of planned as well as ongoing port and piloting operations by intelligently integrating relevant schedules and systems – from simple real-time traffic overview based on AIS to remote monitoring and electronic interactions with the pilots on duty, e.g. shared annotations, warnings, validated corridors, passage plans, etc.

For safe and efficient pilotage and port operation, information from various instruments, sources and systems are essential. By giving pilots as well as port personnel real-time access to relevant information and automatic interaction they can act instantly and make their decisions based on a complete understanding of the situation.

The services available with SafePilot Port Server are extensive, from simple AIS and meteorological data to comprehensive integration of administrative systems as e.g. automatic billing system.

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