Smarter marine and port operations

As our industry continues to face the challenges of globalization and increasing scale and utilization of vessels, we must continuously look for ways to improve efficiencies. Shipping companies and port operators must look for smarter ways to deliver against these expectations.

SmartPort by Trelleborg powers the critical interface between ship and port, on land and at sea. Building on Trelleborg’s history of engineering ingenuity and sector knowledge, with a keen eye on data capture and management, and technology-driven insight, SmartPort technologies can increase efficiencies, improve safety and improve ROI for ports and vessels alike.


SmartPort connects port operations, allowing operators to analyze performance and use data to improve decision making. The system integrates assets like fenders, mooring equipment, ship performance monitoring, and navigation systems through a network of sensors.


Fundamental to this is the SmartPort tech stack.
The tech stack describes the architecture and operation of the SmartPort platform.

Performance data is captured through sensors and transmitters located on assets in the port and vessel environment. This data is standardized and stored, to enable seamless interrogation when it is accessed. Trelleborg’s sector knowledge and engineering expertise inform the analysis of this data to present the most relevant and robust insights and recommendations.

Finally, consistent data is presented in an easy to access format to relevant stakeholders, across a range of device types.


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