Are you facing berthing challenges? Do you need Solution for Port Operation? There are a lot of issues during Vessel berthing and congestion occurs? Who should you contact to have comprehensive Smart Approach Solution?

Active Solution is a leading company in term of Port Operation Solution in Vietnam market to Stakeholders, Owner and Consultant Partnership. With the full supports and professional marketing strategies from The Manufacturer who’s Trelleborg Group, we would bring the comprehensively optimal solution from the Design to Hand-Over Technology. The main points help us always being a top of services in the Vietnam market is to focus on Quality, Prompt Services and Creative.  As a reliable partnership, Active Solution is always Trelleborg’s core sales agent to build Branding, deliver Smart Technology and trust created as a solid platform to Client.

On 14 July 2021, Trelleborg Sales agent Meeting has been held via webinar due to COVID Pandemic, but it was still very successful and fruitful results with all of attendees. From 2018 to 2020, with full of efforts put in, Active had been being awarded Trelleborg excellent sales result performance certificates in Asia Pacific Region in particularly, year in 2019. From that, we continue to move on brighter future and would gain more and more targets in Vietnam area in term of LNG terminal (PV GAS), Petrochemical Plant (SCG Thailand), Container Ports (SITV, SSIT….) those who are biggest players on the market. Moreover, we have been extremely facing competition Manufacturers and Suppliers.

Not only that, but we are also trying to bring new technology and smarter approach (Modern fender, Mooring Technology) to all of Owner and greatest value to Vietnam Client. Automoor Technology is our main targeting in few years ahead to Vietnam Modern Port and enhancing the Port Operation Performance, preventing to congestion issues, and reducing Ship Turn- Around time…

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Trelleborg Sales Agent Meeting and Active Solution’s Excellent Sales Award Certificates.

Trelleborg Sales Agent Meeting and Active Solution’s Excellent Sales Award Certificates.