A vessel goes from port to port sailing around the world. Wide ocean and plenty of room to manoeuvre. The captain knows exactly what to do and the onboard navigation system is designed for such sailing.
But when the big vessel comes into port, it gets really tricky. This is where the captain does not have enough local knowledge of the port. He will get really anxious without help.
Moving in this direction, his stern is moving to portside and there is no room for a mistake. On top of that, the captain is under time pressure as there is already another vessel ready to dock.
We can offer multiple solutions to a pilot. It is important to find out what kind of operation there is. These questions have to be answered before we can propose the right solution.
Trelleborg SafePilot gives a pilot a helicopter view of his operation in the palm of his hand. Accurate to 1cm & 1cm/s in speed, and very importanty display operation in real time

Trelleborg is the only supplier in the world of both hardware and software. This is an absolute Unique Selling Point working with Trelleborg. The hardware is called PPU (Portable Pilot Unit). Just a black box that is placed on the bridge wing and gives speed, course and heading. This data will be sent to an iPad with Trelleborg SafePilot software, and we transfer this data into a helicopter view for the pilot. We will get more into the software later.

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