How to adopt Smarter Approach for Berthing Solution with Trelleborg Technology to external Stakeholders and Client during Covid Pandemic?
The Travel restrictions have caused a disruption in our usual discussion with specialized Port Consultants. No travels, No issues.
Trelleborg and Active Solution recently held an educational webinar design to Consultants with experience -knowledge that covered Engineering Berthing Solution in applying Automoor Technology.
The Smart Port system would bring the faster Berthing Operation (Moor -DeMoor time), reducing the ship turn- around time, lower cost for operation… The consultants were impressed with our Engineering Berthing Solution that will be adopting in their feasibility study. The challenge is to maintain the length of existing structure and allows new longer vessels berthing, peak mooring forces reduced and increase the revenue to Port Owner.
To find more the information about Smart Approach of Trelleborg Automoor, kindly visit below link or book a session, please email to:;