Guaranteeing the fender performance – why it is no just black fender rubber only?
Due to Covid Pandemic, travelling restriction is disrupting our meeting with Client. No issues. Our technical webinar is held regularly with Stakeholder, Owner, Consultant… to share our Smarter Approach and fender performance to enhance Port Operation Effectively.
There are many suppliers on the market now who are unscrupulous fender supply and undercut the reputation brand to provide lower quality and lower cost. They are able to elicit cost saving to show to customer in two ways:
– By using the higher percentages of recycled rubber instead of virgin rubber.
– Replacing the carbon black fillers with non-reinforcing fillers
The recommendation test is TGA (Thermogravimetric Analysis) to evaluate the quality of fender by cutting 20-50 grams on actual fender to send to third party laboratories to test. The test result will be sent to Client directly.
After conducting the technical webinar, we convince Owner, Consultant… aware of TGA specification and why it is critical spec in project.
End of webinar, most of client, stakeholder and Consultant Company….. are impressive and satisfy with Trelleborg technical quality management. It can be created our trust and bring greatest value to all of Port operator and Client on over the world.
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